President Mnangagwa values the lives of all Zimbabweans and has put in place measures to ensure that all citizens come back home during the dark phase spawned by the Covid-19 pandemic and no country should lecture Zimbabwe on this, Government officials and political analysts have said.

This comes as some South African opposition parties such as the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) led by Julius Malema and former Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane have been roped in by the country’s detractors to discredit the Second Republic through a blizzard of misinformation on social media.

Key funders of the regime change agenda using South African public relations firms to run an anti-Zimbabwe blitzkrieg, include the United States of America’s Central Intelligence Organisation (CIA) as well as George Soros’ Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA).

However, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr Nick Mangwana said no amount of mudslinging will stick as the country has committed to improving the welfare of its people.

Significantly, Mr Mangwana pointed to the fact that Zimbabwe kept its borders open for its returning citizens some of whom were coming from countries like South Africa where there are subjected to xenophobia and all forms of atrocities that include the chilling necklacing.

“Since the outbreak of Covid-19, thousands of Zimbabweans have been brought home because Zimbabwean lives matter. We are suffering because of this Covid-19 pandemic. The country even chartered planes to bring its citizens because our people matter,” said Mr Mangwana.

Health experts say the country’s recent spike in infections is because the borders were kept open and that most returning citizens from South Africa were positive and could not access treatment there.

While opposition characters in South Africa, who have offered political sanctuary to fugitive G40 functionaries, look at non-existent human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and they conveniently ignore the rot under their noses.

Thousands in countries such as South Africa, Kenya and other parts of the world have been arrested for breaching Covid-19 regulations, but no one has tried to bring international focus on those issues as with Zimbabwe where infections now stand over 4 000.

Despite the evil machinations of the country’s detractors, Zanu PF Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu said the revolutionary party will forever be etched in Zimbabweans’ hearts because it cannot be separated from the people.

“Hashtags come and go, but ZANU PF endures beyond the ‘trending’. Actually, we are the trendsetter. Above all, #ZimbabweanLivesMatter in the heart of ZANU PF’s existence. This will remain beyond the “trending”.

Political analyst Mr Obert Gutu, who is a former top MDC official with intimate knowledge of how the country’s opposition is funded, said the country detractors will try to pick a fault on Zimbabwe even where there is none.

“There are serious human rights abuses in countries such as Saudi Arabia, but you never hear the same forces loudly condemning the Saudi government. It’s all about preserving and protecting their own selfish economic interests and hardly about human rights observance.

“Big Western powers hate the Zanu PF government with a passion. They’re keen on collapsing the Zanu PF government and replacing it with a malleable and puppet administration that will be remotely controlled from London and Washington DC. George Soros is a notorious funder of all sorts of activities targeted at weakening and ultimately overthrowing all governments that are perceived to be hostile to the entrenched economic interests of the so-called Fishmonger group,” he said.

Seeing their machinations faltering, the merchants of regime change have now roped in some so-called opposition parties in neighbouring countries.

“As for certain opposition political parties in South Africa that are pushing the anti-Zanu PF agenda, they’re not doing it for Pan-Africanist and altruistic motives. There’s an ulterior motive. The strong bond of personal friendship and solidarity between Julius Malema and certain elements of the G40 faction that are exiled in South Africa is well-known.

“Instead of threatening to march to the Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria, Julius Malema should actually lead a march against xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans and other black foreigners in South Africa.

“It’s absolutely reckless and insensitive for anyone to even contemplate a mass demonstration in a country like South Africa which has got one of the highest figures of Covid-19 cases in the whole world. Who, in their right and sober senses, would expose themselves to the ravages of Covid-19 by participating in a mass demonstration during these difficult times that we are currently living in,” said Mr Gutu.