Embattled ZESA board executive chair, Sydney Gata has denied allegations of corruption levelled against him, according to leaked board meeting minutes seen by NewZimbabwe.com.

Gata who is on suspension, is accused of allocating himself five company vehicles for personal use, interfering with the disciplinary hearing of top executive Norah Tsomomdo, squandering millions in company funds to throw lavish parties for staff, among a slew of professional misdemeanours.

Responding to the car allocation allegation, Gata indicated he was allocated two vehicles in terms of his contract; the Mercedes Benz as a personal allocated vehicle and the Toyota Fortuner as a pool vehicle, for business and personal use.

His wife used the Toyota Fortuner.

He indicated that he was a hands-on Executive Chairman who travelled a lot within the various ZESA Group establishments throughout the country and used the pool vehicles with some ZESA employees during the travels.

Gata also stated he attended 18 out of 23 late ZESA employees’ funerals where even line managers were not able to attend.

His contract allows him unlimited fuel.

The ZESA Group Loss Control Manager also told the board members that two of the vehicles quoted in the media as the Toyota Fortuner Registration number AEK 1657 and the Mazda BT50 Registration number (ACU 6660) were not ZESA vehicles but owned by some private individuals not related to Gata.

On alleged installation of solar equipment at Gata’s residence using ZESA US$ 4000 funds, which was not covered by his contract, the executive board chairman was exonerated by a Maviva who administers all Executive and Senior Management contracts.

Maviva confirmed the company had not paid for any solar system as that aspect was not covered in Gata’s contract of employment.

On the trip to South Africa by non-power utility employees, the board was informed that the trip was cancelled as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

Gata also told the board members that Engineer Peter Tshuma was not on the ZESA payroll but he had invited him to look at the Boiler plant at Hwange Power Station which had been breaking down frequently as he had unparalled expertise in boiler plants.

Tshuma provided the service at his own expense and Maviva and Chikwenhere also confirmed that they had not paid any salaries to non ZESA employees.