Zimbabwe’s broke government has failed to pay for air tickets to ferry citizens holed up in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The stranded Zimbabweans have been directed to meet their own airfares back home.

This comes after the Ethiopian Airline offered to transport them back home provided they each paid US$1367, 51 in fares.

In a letter, the Zimbabwean Embassy in UAE reported it was working in partnership with Ethiopian Airlines to repatriate stranded nationals back home at their own cost.

The letter addressed to Clemence Mangwana, who is spearheading the repatriation process from the UAE, highlighted the nationals were supposed to pay the amount before 13 June 2020 for them to be accommodated on a Saturday flight.

“Please be advised that the Ethiopian Airlines has agreed to repatriate stranded Zimbabwean nationals to Harare on Saturday, the 13th of June, 2020,” reads the letter.

“The airline has indicated that the stranded Zimbabweans can begin paying the airfares (AED5000) with effect from Sunday (yesterday) at its offices in Dubai.

“Further details about the repatriation processes are being worked between the Airline and the Embassy.”

There was no mention of the number of locals reportedly stranded in the Asian country.

The embassy asked those seeking repatriation to indicate they could afford the fares back home.