A false news report written in Arabic, claiming a medical laboratory in Zimbabwe recently conducted clinical trials of a possible anti-coronavirus vaccine on 80 local volunteers and 68 of them died after the tests, has gone viral on social media platforms in Arab countries.

The story, which has since been picked and published by various news publications, further claims the rest of the survivors are in intensive care.

The original article quotes RMC Africa, a news website for running the story.

“A medical laboratory in Zimbabwe conducted clinical trials of a possible anti-corona virus vaccine on 80 volunteers, 40 of whom were infected with the virus and 40 others were in good health,” the fake article reads.

“But a week after they were vaccinated, 68 out of 80 people died and the rest were in intensive care, and the rest are in intensive care, according to the RMC Africa website,” the article added.

However, when NewZimbabwe.com verified the story, it discovered that there is no website with that name.

NewZimbabwe.com tried to contact senior government officials in Harare Thursday night, but none were available.

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