Cross border traders have entered into partnership with private laboratories to facilitate easy and affordable testing for Covid-19 ahead of resumption of international travelling.

In an interview with a local publication, Cross-Border Traders Association of Zimbabwe (CBTAZ) confirmed that this COVID-19 testing model will enable them to resume business activity after being rendered immobile for six months due to COVID-19.

South Africa, a major source market for Zimbabwean cross-border traders, has made it mandatory for travelers to produce COVID-19 clearance certificates on entering the country before from time of presentation at the border post.

The certificate must show that the test was conducted less than 72 hours before presentation at the point of entry.

CBTAZ spokesperson, Killer Zivhu said the organization entered into a deal with private laboratories to test its members when they depart and enter the country at a single fee of US$35 ahead of the opening of the borders.

Meanwhile, private institutions are charging as much as US$65 for a single COVID-19 test.

“The major challenge is the money that is needed because a minimum of US$60 is very expensive considering that most of the people have been out of business for months since the borders were closed,” Zivhu told media in Bulawayo.

“We have thus entered into a deal with a local laboratory to do the COVID-19 tests for our members,”

“We have gone further whereby we requested our minimum charge will be $35, but on this $35, they will be tested when they are going out of the country and also tested upon return on that same figure,” said Zivhu.

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