The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDCA) is pinning its hope on the scheduled 31 July demonstration that President Emerson Mnangagwa will be ousted from office.

The party’s youth assembly spokesperson, Stephen Chuma said the demonstration is certainly going to mark the end of Mnangagwa’s short but ‘brutal dictatorship’.

“In his short spell as the President albeit through stealing elections, Mnangagwa has presided over untold suffering, repression and oppression that has never been witnessed before in this land,” said Chuma.

The MDCA youths spokesperson accused president Mnangagwa of misruling the nation and human torture of citizens by the uniformed forces.

“It was under Mnangagwa when we first witnessed senseless butchering with live ammunition of defenceless citizens by rogue soldiers,” he said comparing him to his predecessor, the late president Robert Mugabe.

He said that the hope is on the 31st of July that if masses go into the streets the President will be chunked out of the office.

“The people are going to stop at nothing to make sure he is gone. Nothing, nothing and I repeat nothing at all is going to save this man whose corrupt and murderous regime is responsible for the worst economic crisis since the lapse of GNU,” said Chuma.

He also accused Mnangagwa of masterminding alleged abductions of opposition and civil society members as there has been an increase in those cases since he came to power including the recent alleged abduction and torture of three MDCA women your leaders Cecilia Chimbiri, Netsai Marova and Joanna Mamombe.