Zambia’s intelligence chief Samuel Nkhoma died Friday from an undisclosed illness, state radio reported.

But medical sources said he died after testing positive for coronavirus and was being treated at an isolation centre in the capital Lusaka.

Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti was quoted as saying Mr Nkhoma died after “being sick for some time and was being attended by medical personnel.”

He was last seen publicly few days ago when President Edgar Lungu commissioned a fly over bridge as part of the Lusaka decongestion project.

The number of Covid-19 deaths in Zambia have now hit 200.

On Thursday, the country recorded 21 deaths of the coronavirus with over 7,000 infections so far.

20 Covid-19 deaths were recorded at Lusaka’s University Teaching Hospital while another was at the outpost in a populated slum of Kanyama west of the capital.

80 patients were currently admitted to health facilities and 37 were on oxygen support while six where in the Intensive Care Unit.

Health officials were concerned with the low levels of compliance to public health measures against Covid-19 among members of the public and that this is contributing to the increase in Covid-19 infections.

Several people in the capital seem to have gone back to the cavalier attitude of going into public places with much concern.

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