Renowned Ghanaian movie director Frank Fiifi Gharbhin have throw punches to Veteran Ghanaian actor, Comedian and musician Alexander Kofi Adu known in showbiz as Agya Koo on his pronouncement that his absence on the Ghanaian movie screens is the cause of the decline in the movie industry in Ghana.

His assertion was that even Kwame Nkrumah who help Ghana to attain independence in 1957 did not collapse Ghana after his death. Who is Agya Koo to collapse the Ghana movie industry.

“EVEN WHEN KWAME NKRUMAH DIED, GHANA DID NOT COLLAPSED, who is agya koo to collapse movie industry”. He wrote

He wrote this in a whatsapp conversation he had with the CEO of upon seeing an earlier story by Agya Koo bragging that he is the reason the movie industry in Ghana is dead.

Fiifi Gharbhin is known to be having an earlier beef with the Veteran actor in 2015 on some confrontation that occurred between him and the actor(Agya Koo)

What do you make of fiiffi’s reaction?


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