Dear ECOWAS and AU,

I bring you greetings from my pro-poor corner (commonly used words in our nation) in Monrovia.

I am T. Kudah Jairus, son of one of your family members, Liberia.

As the Heads of all member States, it pleases to write you to seek clarity and answers on issues affecting me and most of your other children of West Africa and Africa, at large, and to also call on you to being more proactive in your actions.

Before some of us were born, your individual Member States created laws, called CONSTITUTIONS, to guide them on how they, Member States, run their respective countries and their citizens therein, even your own laws which I refer to as CONVENTIONS, TREATIES, etc., that you yourselves formulated, are to supplement those individual laws of your Member States, for the wellbeing and prosperity of all us.

ECOWAS and AU, as big Members to all the Members, under your authority and territorial control, whatever you do or say, will have either a positive or negative effect on everyone of us, and that’s why most time, we the sons and daughters of your Member States, run to you for redress whenever we feel dissatisfied with our leaders and/or whenever our rights are violated, or our lives are threatened and unsafe.

ECOWAS and AU, we children of your Member States are very peaceful and will always remain peaceful. But you know why, at times, we get violent and uncompromising? I think you know or should. Recently, one of you, ECOWAS, through a teleconference, the Heads of States of its Members condemned what happened in Mali. Oh yes, that action in Mali is condemnable and must be condemned but do you know why those children in that Member State have not given you a listening ear or why most of us aren’t taking seriously your condemnation? Just examine your actions!

ECOWAS and AU, it seems to me that you find it difficult to tell the Heads of your Members States to do the right thing or to govern better, either you benefit from their bad doings or you are in support of all wrongs, or maybe you are not aware of those (which I find hard to believe). Though you condemned the act of mutiny in Mali, the Malian Head of State attested to corruption overcrowding his deliverables. What did say to that? Did you one day call him to order or did you advise him to govern accordingly? Don’t you think it’s right for him to have left his office when in fact he couldn’t help in fighting corruption, even in his second term?

ECOWAS and AU, for your recent information, President Alassane Ouattara is seeking an unconstitutional 3rd term. What do you have to say? Have you said anything about the unfolding in Côte d’Ivoire, where the Ivorian President reversed his original plan of refraining from running for a third term? When will you say a word? Or are you again waiting to condemn when mass destruction of lives and property become the order of the day? Or are you waiting to condemn the citizens or military when they start to agitate?