The Chief Executive of the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), Engineer Worlanyo Kwadjo Siabi (MV) has set the records right over false claims by some private water suppliers that the government has refused to pay them for services under the free water directive as part of the COVID-19 relief announced by the President His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo.

The Association of Small Towns Water Supply Systems-Ghana had threatened in a news item that appeared on Ghanaweb and other news portals that it will not be able to comply with the President’s directive for yet another 3 months in this COVID-19 season since outstanding debts from April to June had not been cleared.

But in a sharp response on Wednesday 12th August 2020, Engineer Worlanyo Kwadjo Siabi cleared the air that the CWSA remains committed to paying all outstanding debts owed these water suppliers but the difficulty is the inconsistencies in the gathering of their records particularly the number of cubic metres of water supplied among other valid data that are missing in staking their claims on the monies.

“While others presented very scanty data on the free water services they have provided, other suppliers were not even sure about how much water they have even provided but yet quoted questionable amount of money and demanded payment,” he explained.

The Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) was established by an Act of Parliament, Act 564 of 1998 mandated to facilitate the provision of safe drinking water and related sanitation services to Rural Communities and Small Towns in Ghana. It also deals with sanitation and its related hygiene standards.

Watch how Mr. Worlanyo Kwadjo Siabi clears the issues in full details here:

The CWSA exists to provide support to District Assemblies to promote the sustainability of safe drinking water supply and related sanitation services in rural communities and small towns.

It is also mandated to enable the Assemblies to encourage the active involvement of communities, especially women, in the design, planning, construction and community management of water and sanitation project

Formulate strategies for the effective mobilization of resources for the execution of safe water development and related sanitation programmes.

They also encourage private sector participation in the provision of safe drinking water supply and related sanitation service

Furthermore, it provides the Assemblies with the technical assistance in the planning and execution of water development and sanitation in the districts Assist and co-ordinate with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) engaged in the development of water and related sanitation and hygiene education in rural communities and small towns

The CWSA also works in collaboration with the Ministries of Local Government and Rural Development, Health and Education, programmes for public awareness in rural communities and small towns of water-related hazards

Prescribe standards and guidelines for safe water supply and provision of related sanitation services in rural communities and small towns and support the District Assemblies to ensure compliance by the suppliers of the services and charge reasonable fees for services provided

It also collaborates with international agencies as the Agency considers necessary in the execution of its mandate in line with any other functions assigned to it by Act 564.


CWSA is currently managing 125 piped water systems

–Water safety plans have been developed for 90 water systems. Ghana can now provide data to WHO as part of its obligations towards achievements of SDG 6

—834 professional staff (Water Systems Management Staff) have been employed from August 2017 to date. These include engineers, technician engineers, accountants, water safety specialist, revenue collectors, and community relations officer. In addition, 269 auxiliary staff made up of plumbers, technical operators etc. have been employed.

Four hundred and four (404) Mechanical Bulk Water Meters have been procured, supplied, and installed on piped water systems under CWSA management.

Six thousand, Nine Hundred (6,900) Mechanical Service Water Meters have been procured, supplied, and installed on piped water systems under CWSA management.

Procurement of Ten Thousand (10,000) Mechanical Service Water Meters is on-going

Five Hundred (500) Mechanical Bulk Water Meters is on-going.

Delivery figures for Piped Systems now stand at 70 for Small Communities Systems, 496 Small Towns Piped Schemes, 88 Limited Mechanised Systems and 15 GWCL Piped Connections

On Hygiene Promotion

CWSA has made invaluable contributions to the development of the School Health Education Programme (SHEP) of the Ghana Education Service.

Sanitation CWSA has over the years improved access to decent sanitation facilities across the country with the construction of 87, 763 latrines

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