The Sporting Director of King Faisal, Nana Amankwah says the club is fed up with hearing constant complaints of unpaid player wages.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic which has seen the government banning football in the country, all the clubs have been faced with financial difficulties.

To the largest extent, some clubs have struggled to raise funds to settle the wages of their players.

In the last few weeks, news of King Faisal failing to pay the salary of players for the past four months has spread like wildfire.

In a reaction to the speculation in an interview with Light FM, club Sporting Director Nana Amankwa says they are tired of hearing of such reports.

“Any King Faisal player who assumes owing him should take us through the labour process and address it over there. We are sick and tired of constant complaints of owing them”, the football administrator said.

He continued, “Do they realize the season we are in? Don’t they feel for the club’s president Alhaji Grunsah?. As far as I know, we do not owe any player”

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