“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out” – John Wooden.

According to my observation so far, oftentimes, delegates do vote for the rich or bootlickers as Parliamentary Candidates after they have promised and taken money from them without checking their human values to influence development in their various constituencies. And, that has been a contributory factor inhibiting rapid transformation as a country.

On this occasion, I am advising all delegates to put candidates having high human values and positive thoughts on good tables instead and vote for them. Boldly, ignore those with investment funds as a token. That may help us help elect patriotic leaders to manage our rich country and leave indelible legacies behind for the next generation.

The fact is, when a candidate gives out money to win an election, it’s like investment funds, he/she is going to take it from your four years development fund. Others borrow and payback after winning elections.

Now, to the youth, we must refuse to be used and dumped by some politicians. Think about how to make your dreams realistic. They must use their family and cronies for campaigns.

Humbly go and vote peacefully. We are proud of our tranquility.

I am a citizen of Ghana.


Boadi William

CEO of Educate Ghana Summit, Educationist, and Motivational Speaker

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