Buganda kingdom has eulogized the king of the South African nation of Zulu, King Goodwill Zwelithini who died Friday aged 72.

He was being treated with complications related to diabetes.

Buganda kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga described Zwelithini as a steadfast friend to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi.

Zwelithini’s open ties with Mengo first manifested in 1995 at the second coronation of Kabaka Mutebi when at Kololo air strip, he presided over as Kabaka’s special guest.

“Because of his significance, the Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament) convened a special session which he attended,” Mayiga said in a press conference on Friday at Bulange Mengo.

The demise of King Goodwill was officially announced by his premier, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

He had been in in KwaZulu-Natal since last week after intensity of his diabetes condition.

He ascended to the throne in 1971, becoming the 8th king of the dynasty of King Shaka Zulu.

“He has been very close to the kingdom of Buganda and a close confidant of our King. It may be recalled that during the commemoration the second Kabaka’s coronation anniversary, in 1995, King Zwelithini came as Kabaka’s special guest,” Mayiga said.

Zwelithini and Kabaka Mutebi in 1995 also jointly commissioned the then Entebe Resort beach.

In August 1999 at the wedding of Kabaka Mutebi with Sylivia Nagginda, king Zwelithini attended a church service at Namirembe cathedral and the Mengo Palace grounds.