Badu’s Unscripted is hosted by the ever affable and assertive lady Dora Badu Owusu Adomah; a journalist, humanitarian (Executive Director of HELP A GIRL FOUNDATION) a beauty queen (TV3’s GHANA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL 2016) co-founder of MISS GOLDEN STOOL a regional pageant that dwells on promoting the cultural values and traditions of the Ashanti region an event host among others.

Many entertainment shows are predictable in presentation. In other cases, interviews with certain personalities tend to be monotonous regards the line of questioning.

For example, a politician is mostly treated to a highly governmental discussion while artistes are engaged mainly on his work or other entertaining aspects of their life.

Badu’s Unscripted presents something dissimilar to the status quo. In terms of influence, Unscripted is dual fold in nature.

First, Unscripted presents an entertainment platform to give audiences a good laugh. It gives you a feel of the fun side of the individuals whom you love.

Second, Unscripted looks into the lives of young individuals who are committing a great deal of skill, energy and or commitment into influencing day to day activities that bring about profound impact in society

About the Unscripted show

Brings amusement, unscripted time is primarily a fun sharing moment. We expect that audiences can at all times have a good laugh after watching the show.

It seeks to inspire, the guest personalities on Unscripted are individuals who are constantly working to bring about change in their various communities. It is our hope that stories of this nature can help to motivate others to take up similar change agent causes.

BADU’S UNSCRIPTED premieres mid July.

Watch video below:

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