Dar es Salaam — The Deputy Secretary General of CCM – Tanzania Mainland, Rodrick Mpogolo is now acting as the party’s secretary general, after Dr Bashiru Ally was appointed by President John Magufuli as the Chief Secretary.

Dr Bashiru was appointed to the top post replacing Ambassador John Kijazi who died on February 17 in Dodoma, after being hospitalized for several days at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital.

Following the nomination, no official statement was issued by the ruling party regarding who will be acting general secretary as they wait for the party’s chairman, President Magufuli, is expected to nominate another secretary general.

However, some CCM leaders have indicated that the position is currently being held by the Deputy Secretary-General – Mainland who will be responsible for overseeing the party’s day-to-day operations.

Speaking to this newspaper, CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary – Zanzibar Catherine Nao said when the party’s secretary-general is absent from office, the position is held by the CCM – Mainland Deputy General Secretary.

He said: “Currently the position is being held by Mpogolo until the party chairman appoints another.”

CCM Political and International Relations Secretary retired Colonel Ngemela Lubinga also confirmed that the position is being held by the Deputy Secretary-General.

“Whenever the Secretary-General is absent, the one who performs his duties is the deputy secretary-general,” said Lubinga.

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