On February 23, 2021, the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (Tasac) issued a Public Notice declaring March 15, 2021, as being the effective date of implementing its exclusive mandate on additional items.

However, following the notice, players from the private sector engaged in the business of clearing and forwarding of goods voiced their concern and disapproval of the decision made by the State-run corporation.

Some of the major concerns directly aimed at understanding the double role played by Tasac – one being a shipping agency, while on another hand it is also the regulator.

It seems like the government has heard the cries and the concerns of the stakeholders in the shipping business. On March 13, the government issued another public notice extending the effective date for implementation of the additional mandate.

The government should be commended for this prudent move. The implementation has been extended to May 15, 2021, from the previously communicated March 15. The extension provides room for those who’ve invested in the shipping industry to make adjustments and necessary alignments.

What the extension means is that the previously exclusive mandate under the purview of Tasac pursuant to the law, which include; clearing and forwarding functions in relation to import and export of minerals, mineral concentrates, machineries, equipment, products or extracts related to minerals and petroleum, firearms and ammunitions, live animals, government trophies, has now been extended to include; clearing and forwarding of fertilizers, industrial sugar, domestic sugar, edible or cooking oil, wheat, oil products, gas, liquefied gas and chemicals or any liquid related products.

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