Dodoma — The National Electoral Commission has not approved CCK candidate Mwaijoo David and his running mate Ali Said Juma to stand for presidency in the upcoming October polls.

The decision was announced by the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Retired Judge Semistocles Kaijage saying they did not meet the requirements to get the commission’s approval.

One of the shortcomings that Judge Kaijage singled out was failure for the Presidential candidate to come with his running mate who was supposed to sign Form No 10 in the presence of NEC officials.

The party also did not have the receipts for Sh1 million deposits and he did not have the pictures of his running mate as required by the regulations.

By 5.00 pm CCM, Ada-Tadea, NRA, Demokrasia Makini, SAU, CUF, ACT-Wazalendo, Chaumma and ADC had all got the commission’s nod.

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