Khartoum — The Presidential Council of the Revolutionary Front has issued a statement through which it announced its conditional approval on the appointment of civilian governors, pointed to the challenges that accompanied the selection of governors and called for urgent reviewing to reduce tensions in the states.

The Revolutionary Front stated that its conditional approval of the appointment of civilian governors was in response to the desire of the people for a civil state.

The statement indicated that the Revolutionary Front has been aware since the beginning about the challenges facing the naming of civilian governors, therefore it has stressed the importance of conducting extensive consultations with the revolution partners, and adopting clear-cut criteria in choosing the civilian governors, top of which are the integrity, competence, scientific and administrative capabilities, the popular acceptance and the distance from blatant partisanship.

The Revolutionary Front also called for fair representation of women and ensuring the involvement of local communities in the selection process, adding that the failure to take these criteria into consideration made the process of appointing civilian governors a place of contention, and created a state of rejection and severe societal division, a matter that necessitated making serious reviews to reduce the tension in states where the people did not accept the appointed governor.

The Revolutionary Front has called on all political forces to elevate the country’s supreme interest over narrow partisan gains.

It said that the appointment of civilian governors is a temporary measure pending the signing of the peace agreement, according to which the government will be re-formed and the governors will be appointed in order to fulfill peace requirements.

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Front affirmed that the peace process in its conclusions and that the negotiating parties are close to achieving a peace agreement that ends the woes of war and contributes to achieving security, stability and development.

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