Communities are advised that Ficksburg, Maokeng and Bayswater police stations are closed due to Covid-19 related incidents after members tested positive for the virus .

The Community Service Centres in those stations will temporarily operate as follows:

Ficksburg will operate from Quart House in Voortrekker Street and the following numbers can be used to report any emergencies 051-933 7404 / 051-933 7403.

Maokeng will operate from the Detectives offices at Mannis street, Seisoville, Maokeng and the number 056-216 7200 can be used for any emergencies and the Station Commander, Colonel Modiko can be contacted at 082 465 2671.

Bayswater which was operating from the Detectives offices following a closure of the police station will now move to Bayswater NG kerk, Cnr Normandie and Picard Street. The community can contact the Station Commander at 082 467 6081.

The buildings will be decontaminated for the duration of the closure and members will be subjected to necessary Covid-19 related protocols.

Communities will be informed once they are operational again.

The acting Provincial Commissioner of the Free State, Major General Solly Lesia and management wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these closures.

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