Covid-19 has been a rude wake-up call – another piercing alarm that climate change, environmental degradation and humans’ tyranny of natural resources have not gone away. It means our ‘what next’ question has to come with better answers.

The final webinar in the five-part “Building Solidarity in a time of Covid-19” series focused on climate change and strategies to shore up awareness, accountability and action for climate justice during a pandemic.

The session on Friday 14 August was held against the backdrop of reports of environmental benefits at a time when large parts of the world went into lockdown earlier this year. In those first weeks, there were reports of a return of wildlife to concrete jungles and a drastic reduction of carbon emissions as air spaces closed down and cars stayed off the roads.

Rampant consumption culture also virtually came to a grinding halt. While these were likely short-term gains, they still offer insights and lessons into the possibility for change if better choices can be made beyond lockdown.

Michael Clements, head of Lawyers for Human Rights’ (LHR) Environmental Rights Programme, spoke on the webinar. She pointed to multi-pronged approaches, combined with clearer strategies with an emphasis on grassroots…

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