The irony of widespread reports of lockdown-related hunger, is that South Africa is experiencing one of its best-ever maize harvests.

As the reality of the catastrophic way in which the Covid-19 pandemic is being managed by the powers that be slowly sinks in, we realise that we’ve become the first people ever to put a stop to an entire, worldwide, economic system and everything else that is involved. Nations, several million strong, have willingly surrendered civil liberties long fought for with blood, sweat and tears.

With load shedding Stage 6 a minor blip in the distant past, welcome to Offload100 (DBT) – the 100% offload of both the local and global economy. With no historic reference point, this is uncharted territory on a global scale.

We are in a time that can be compared to a land marked on an ancient map by a DBT inscription (“Dragons Be There”), suggesting that beyond a known frontier, there might be dragons. This is an area saturated with unknowable unknowns: welcome to the new normal.

With Offload100 (DBT) in full swing, comes social fragmentation and polarisation combined with economic inequality. In this hour, we are asked to commit to physical distancing – shredding…

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