The HOPE Community Action Network began four months ago as a response to the challenges the community of Katlehong, east of Johannesburg, faces amid Covid-19. We are operating in Katlehong but we also cover most of the surrounding areas.

The impact of Covid-19 led to many people struggling due to most industries being closed, jobs being lost and the inability of people to feed themselves as most businesses in our community are informal. We couldn’t get help from the government for food parcels and Covid grants due to corruption and people were benefiting due to the alignment to the ruling party, this led to the levels of poverty rising in my community.

The HOPE Community Action Network (CAN) was formed four months ago. We called it HOPE because we aspired to inspire hope and change by making a difference to the community. We only have 14 volunteers, but we hope for more and we organise through local ward committee structures, schools and NGOs.

Local farming projects for schools and the community. (Photo: Tshepo Kubeka)

I have been involved in developmental programmes in my community because, being born and bred in Katlehong, my environment played a strong role in my upbringing….

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