On Friday 21 August, the Gauteng Provincial Command Council gave its latest update on the province’s Covid-19 response as the country went into Level 2 lockdown.

Human Settlements MEC Lebogang Maile gave an update on the ward-based ‘war rooms’ that have been set up in the province following a need for a strong municipal focus to combat Covid-19.


He said the aim of this approach was to accelerate service delivery and greater efficiency in implementing local government projects. Fulfilling the mandate of these war rooms were 350 community development workers, 1,078 community health workers and 30,000 other community workers.

Education head of department, Edward Mosuwe, gave a summary of the social relief efforts the province had been undertaking. He said that during lockdown Levels 5, 4 and 3, the province had distributed 485,000 food parcels which benefited over two million people.

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Furthermore, 273 food gardens had been established, some of them at schools. An additional 62 gardens would be added soon.

In terms of education, he said that under Level 2, more learners were now going back to school, and the department was prioritising health and safety for the over 1.5 million learners resuming classes.

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