This is not an open letter, just a train of thought that hopefully resonates, as many yearn for stronger and swifter action to end the crisis that is rapidly dragging our nation into a dangerous and dark place.

The anarchy in parts of South Africa clearly has two sources and agendas: one political (to weaken your leadership and create instability that will count against you), the other, sheer criminality and opportunistic predation. Both agendas will feed off each other and gain momentum unless as a nation we urgently quell these negative forces.

No one would want your job today, not even the bereted man who blindly believes that his book of Venezuela solutions will take the nation forward.

There is no silver bullet for the anguish of our nation today. It requires both long and short-term issues to be addressed. While we must not ignore the various dynamics and underlying causes of our current plight — many of which will not be understood or accepted by all — the need for good governance and purposeful leadership to address poverty and unemployment is long overdue. As is the need to undo years of the decimation of our education, health and security…

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