The Standing Committee on Finance and the Select Committee on Finance will invite the Minister of Finance next week to present the National Treasury’s guidelines on government procurement during the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision was taken in light of the wide-ranging corruption allegations in the public domain involving provincial departments of health and some municipalities.

The committees also expect to be briefed on the mechanisms put in place by National Treasury to ensure that a single procurement tender worth millions is divided into multiple small tenders in order to benefit as many small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) as possible.

Co-Chairperson Mr Joe Maswanganyi said: “We are alarmed by allegations in the public domain, whereby it is alleged that it is possible for a single company to be awarded a tender worth over R500 million to provide PPE [personal protective equipment].”

Mr Maswanganyi further said that while the committees cannot dictate terms on how government should conduct procurement for the Covid-19 pandemic, they are expressing a concern in light of complaints about being excluded from many SMMEs.

After the presentation from the Finance Minister and the National Treasury, the committees will determine if there is a need for a joint meeting with the Portfolio Committee on Health, provincial health committees and their respective departments of health.

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