This is the fourth of a series of expert advisories on how to respond to Covid-19 published from time to time by Maverick Citizen.

The previous advisories were:

How long should I isolate or quarantine for? (here)

Practical guidance on disinfecting (here)

Testing for Covid-19? All you need to know about antibody tests (here)

The series is co-written by some of South Africa’s leading medical scientists and academics, including some members of the Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) on Covid-19. It is intended to provide practical life-saving advice based on the best emerging knowledge and evidence of Covid-19.

We are learning all the time, so it is highly likely that advice will change as we learn more about the virus, so keep an eye on any new recommendations. However, the basic principles explained in this series will stand and help inform your decisions.

Back to school: What’s at stake?

The return of children to school both in South Africa and globally has introduced anxiety at many levels within society. Parents are concerned that their children may become infected with Covid-19 while at school, teachers fear for their own health and many families worry that the school-going child will bring Covid-19 into…

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