In December 2017, the 54th national conference of the ANC voted to withdraw South Africa from the International Criminal Court. President Cyril Ramaphosa is stalling that withdrawal – but there is no good reason why we should remain as members.

You have to hand it to the SG. If anything, Ace Magashule, the secretary-general of the ANC, is demonstrating consistency par excellence when it comes to calling for the implementation of the 54th ANC national conference resolutions. He has certainly found President Ramaphosa’s weak spot and is applying the pressure at every turn.

He knows that not implementing or adhering to the conference resolutions will give him ample ammunition against the president at the next national general council (NGC) of the ANC, where Ace and cronies intend to politically pummel Ramaphosa for non-compliance and being intransigent. Hence, they will argue, he is not providing the requisite leadership, resulting in the ultimate question: is he fit to lead the ANC?

In the end, it is not so much that CR won with a very narrow 179 vote margin: no, it is all about whether or not he will implement the radical resolutions endorsed by the RET types at the conference. This…

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