Women and children in Seychelles can better protect themselves against COVID-19 after the Chinese Embassy donated medical supplies to the parent ministry.

The donation of 18,000 medical disposable face masks and 120 infrared thermometers was made to the Ministry of Family Affairs on Wednesday.

“The materials will protect people who fall under our ministry from the virus as we are a ministry that is directly threatened by COVID-19 due to our direct affiliation with people who are more vulnerable to illnesses,” said Minister Mitcy Larue, who accepted the batch of medical supplies.

“This act of fraternity between the two countries is greatly appreciated as during this time in which we are living we do not have the financial means to ensure that all our protective needs are taken care of. The donation of China through the ambassador is greatly appreciated,” she said.

The principal secretary for family affairs, Marie-Josee Bonne, told SNA that the Ministry is yet to determine how and to whom the batch of medical supplies will be allocated.

On her side, the Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles, Guo Wei, said that “women play an irreplaceable and important role in the social and economic development of Seychelles” and that “children are the future and hope of a country.”

“In the face of COVID-19, Mrs Larue strives to promote the health and well-being of Seychellois women and children. We sincerely hope this donation can provide support to mothers, children and young people in Seychelles to fight against the pandemic,” said Wei.