Three of the six villages in Kigali City that have been under total lockdown were on Thursday, July 30, allowed to go back to normal as the other three were added on the lockdown list.

A statement from the ministry of local government indicates that the decision was based on an analysis done by medical authorities concerning the Covid-19 pandemic in the areas.

According to the statement, the lockdown on Kamabuye and Zuba villages, both in Nyarurama cell, Kigarama Sector in Kicukiro District, were removed from high-risk areas and thereby removed from the lockdown.

Similarly, Nyenyeri, a village of Kigarama sector in Kicukiro District will also be allowed to go back to normal life.

Conversely, three sub-cells in the same village (Kigarama) which include Ubutwari, Icyerekezo and Gukunda Igihugu have been put under lockdown.

The three villages join other three neighborhoods which have currently been under lockdown.

These, according to the statement, will continue in lockdown, until when it will be observed that there are no more Covid-19 in these communities.

“The citizens of the villages on lockdown are requested to continue respecting the guidelines,” reads part of the statement.

“Local authorities and security authorities are asked to follow-up on the implementation of these guidelines. People living in Rwanda are requested to continue respecting the guidelines of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic as issued by health institutions,” it continued.

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