Chief Executive Officer of Event It Ghana, Ricky Anokye has opined that people within the Ghanaian Creative Arts industry are not wise and that they always allow people in government to deceive them.

Ricky who is currently the Director for Class TV said that if the industry does not begin to tell the government the truth, its stakeholders will surely regret it because it will go a long way to affect them.

Speaking about the New Patriotic Party’s failed promises to the creative arts monitored by Journalist and Blogger Attractive Mustapha , he said that to him it is not just about NPP government but all successive government.

He noted that the creative industry is the development vehicle that can enhance the Ghanaian economy, education system, and society.

‘’What I fault Akufo-Addo on is the fact that when he is going outside the country he wears a suit but he wears kente and African prints whiles in Ghana‘’.

He advised people within the art to start holding governments accountable and stop allowing themselves to be deceived all the time

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