Kaduna State Commissioner of Health, Dr Amina Mohammed Baloni has lamented that most people are not taking personal responsibility in the campaign against the spread of Covid-19.

Speaking in the media chat, Dr Baloni said that rate of Coronavirus infection has tripled in Kaduna State within one month of lifting the lockdown.

The Commissioner said that only 316 people were positive before the lifting of lockdown but the figures have spiked to 1,611 patients. “Before now, only seven out of the 23 local government areas had cases of infection but Covid-19 is in 17 local governments,” she added.

Dr Baloni who reiterated that the situation does not call for a further review of the Lockdown Order, said that most people have not come to terms with the severity of the disease.

“Even if you think that your immunity is so strong that you can’t contract the disease, you should follow the prevention guidelines to protect your family and community,” she pleaded.

The commissioner said that following the guidelines is simple but difficult because people are not used to them, arguing that keeping safe distancing, respiratory hygiene and hand washing have been with us, except the wearing of face masks.

“However, most people are refusing to comply with these preventive measures on the wrong assumption of either they can’t contract the disease or they just want to break the law,” she lamented.

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