The Kwara State Government says it spent N1,569,107944.70 on the management of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the state between April 1 and June 29.

Although Nigeria recorded its first case on February 27, Kwara State recorded its index case on April 6.

Amidst demands for accountability on COVID-19 funds in the country, the Chief Press Secretary to Kwara governor, Rafiu Ajakaye, said the government spent N133 million on the activities of the technical committee on Covid-19 and its sub-committees, while medical supplies and equipment cost N713 million.

He said over N525 million was spent on palliatives, N150 million on COVID-related renovation works, while security, health workers’ allowances and logistics gulped N47.5 million.

Also, he said expenses covered the purchase of military-grade Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances; automated ventilators and several other Intensive Care Unit (ICU) gadgets/equipment; and production of hand sanitizers.

Mr Ajakaye said the expenses also covered the palliatives distributed during the lockdown; renovation of the Sobi Specialist Hospital and the Hajj Camp; mass production of face masks, purchase of surgical masks, digital thermometers, N95 and respirator-sperien 5311 and other personal protective equipment.

According to the statement, other items include “medical supplies and consumables; security expenses; training; allowances for medical personnel and other supportive staff in charge of the pandemic; part-renovation of the Offa General Hospital as an isolation centre; and patients’ management, among others.”

Mr Ajakaye also disclosed that the government has received N243 million as donations from private individuals. However, he said no kobo has been spent from the donations because the funds have not been appropriated by the House of Assembly.

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