National Film Authority – Action Group (NFA-AG), a creative arts industry pressure group made up of film industry stakeholders’ associations, has petitioned government through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to reopen cinemas in Ghana.

The petition comes after the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in his 14th address to the state declared a further easing of Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the government; stating that life cannot be permanently put on hold as the country seeks to restore some normalcy in order to revive its economy.

In his address, he stated that one of the new measures that would come into force as of August 1 was the lifting of a ban on some mosques and churches by extending the length of time people were permitted to worship to two hours.

He also allowed the re-opening of some tourist centres and open-air drinking spots and also lifted some restrictions in regard to public transport and domestic flights.

NFA-AG believes their film activities would not breach the Covid-19 protocols when restrictions on cinemas are lifted.

In their address, the group indicated that it had evaluated the potential spread of the virus at all cinemas across the country and the attached risk assessment showed the residual rating as safe for reopening.

The group proposed nine Covid-19 protocols which would be strictly observed by authorities and customers.

An online booking system which will allow owners of cinemas to track and trace customers easily will be provided.

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