Guardian front page 23 May

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The Guardian leads with its joint exclusive story that Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings travelled to Durham, more than 260 miles from his London home, while displaying coronavirus symptoms. The paper’s headline says that police spoke to Mr Cummings about the “lockdown breach”.

Daily Mirror front page 23 May

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The Daily Mirror, which worked on the story with the Guardian, says Mr Cummings “ignored lockdown rules”. The paper quotes a neighbour saying they were “so annoyed… It’s one rule for Dominic Cummings and one rule for the rest of us”.

The Daily Telegraph front page 23 May

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The Daily Telegraph highlights that Mr Johnson’s senior adviser is facing calls to resign. Opposition parties have said Mr Cummings’ position is “completely untenable”, the paper reports.

Daily Mail front page 23 May

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Mr Cummings also features on the Daily Mail front page. But its main story says that “hope” is on the horizon for those wanting to travel abroad this summer. Virus passports and travel corridors could help families to go on holiday, the paper reports, highlighting plans from ministers to strike “quarantine-free pacts” with popular tourist destinations such as France and Spain.

Daily Express front page 23 May

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“Let’s all go on a British summer holiday,” is the headline on Saturday’s Daily Express newspaper, which details new strict travel measures. The paper reports on plans unveiled by Home Secretary Priti Patel, which effectively puts “an end to foreign travel for the peak holiday season”.

The Sun front page 23 May

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The Sun also focuses on holidays – with its front page saying: “Jet your hopes up.” The paper reports that “safe corridors” could open by July, but caveats that optimism by telling readers “don’t book yet”.

The i front page 23 May

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The i provides a starker warning – focusing on the two-week quarantine measures being introduced for those travelling abroad this summer. And although the government might be hoping for “air bridges” to holiday resorts, the airline industry has said the plan could lead to a “prolonged shutdown” of aviation, the paper reports.

Daily Star front page 23 May

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The Daily Star strikes a nostalgic tone, leading with a vintage picture of a family sitting on a beach, and news that the upcoming Bank Holiday Monday is set to be the hottest on record since 1922. A high of 30C could last all of next week, the paper reports – but reminds readers that social distancing rules are still in force.

The Time front page 23 May

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Employers will be required to pay a quarter of the wages of furloughed staff, the Times reports. The paper says Chancellor Rishi Sunak is due to announce next week that employers will have to contribute from August as lockdown measures are eased.

FT front page 23 May

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The Financial Times also leads on Mr Sunak’s plans after lockdown, reporting that “tensions” have arisen between the Chancellor and Boris Johnson. The newspaper says Mr Sunak is pushing the PM to lift restrictions, with “Treasury alarm at the damage wreaked on the pubic finances by the coronavirus crisis”.

The Guardian and the Daily Mirror lead on the alleged breach of lockdown rules by Dominic Cummings, who visited his parents in County Durham when he had coronavirus symptoms.

A neighbour claims they spotted Mr Cummings dancing to Abba with his family in the garden, saying: “I looked over the fence and got the shock of my life. I was really annoyed.”

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A number of opposition MPs tell the Guardian the Downing Street aide should lose his job.

But a source close to Mr Cummings says there is “zero chance” he will resign.

Elsewhere, employers will have to pay a quarter of the wages of furloughed staff from August, according to the Times.

The paper says that under government plans to unwind the scheme, to be announced by the chancellor next week, firms will be required to make the payments even if they are still in lockdown.

A Treasury source tells the paper that with two full months of support left, it is fair to everyone that businesses contribute as people return to work.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson is planning to scale back the role of the Chinese technology giant, Huawei, in the UK’s 5G network, reducing it to zero by 2023.

A source tells the paper the deal was struck before the pandemic – and that coronavirus had “changed everything”.

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The Guardian thinks this is a retreat by the prime minister, designed to stave off what could have been an embarrassing defeat in the Commons.

The Daily Mail leads on government measures it says could allow families to holiday abroad this summer.

Ministers are reportedly aiming to strike quarantine-free pacts with destinations such as France, Spain and Greece, by as early as July. They are also said to be considering so-called “Covid passports”, which would allow someone who has had the virus to travel more widely, and not have to go into quarantine on their return.

The Sun also sees reason to be optimistic about a summer break, urging it’s readers to “jet your hopes up”.

The Financial Times says that with millions stuck at home, many families are reviving long-held dreams of having a pet to accompany them on socially-distanced walks.

This, the paper says, has resulted in a puppy shortage, with many breeders reporting a surge in demand, leading to soaring prices and long waiting lists.

But charities tell the FT they are already seeing examples of dogs being handed back as people return to work. Buyers are urged to remember that a dog is for life, not just for lockdown.

And the Sun reveals details of a novel plan under consideration by several Premier League football clubs, that it is hoped will improve the atmosphere in stadiums when matches re-start.

Cardboard cut-outs, filling the seats, featuring the likenesses of real supporters, who have submitted a head and shoulders photo, for a fee. The paper says some of the money would go towards the NHS.

The scheme is set to make its debut in a match in the top German league this afternoon, watched by millions around the world, and thousands of recyclable fans in the stadium.

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