The Ministry of Health and Social Services has authorised Namib Laboratories, an entity of Feedmaster, to conduct COVID-19 testing.

According to the company in a statement this week ,one of the rooms in the laboratory was converted into a fully functional PCR laboratory to assist the ministry with COVID-19 testing. The facility will be adept to analyse at least 94 tests per day with a 24-hour turnaround time for results.

“We have state of the art equipment and well-trained staff. We will also conduct our SADCAS audit at the end of November which will be a huge accomplishment for us. We believe that we can be of great help to all institutions especially the veterinary sector of our country,” the company added

Namib Laboratories was established in 2018 and currently conducts all microbiological, serological and PCR related diagnostic tests for the Namib Mills Group of companies. To find out more about COVID-19 testing at the laboratory, call Louise Clack at 061 290 1378/9.

Caption: From left to right: Benoit Schrywer (Microbiologist), Louise Clack (Laboratory Manager) and Lucille Dausab (Junior Microbiologist).

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