The Judicial Service Commission says it opted to publicly advertise the prosecutor general position to enhance the principles of transparency and accountability.

The commission advertised the prosecutor general’s position yesterday, a move away from the practice of hand-picking people for one of the most vital positions in the criminal justice system.

The deadline for applications to fill the post is 16 October 2020.

The move to advertise the position is a major transparency coup for the commission, chaired by chief justice Peter Shivute, at a time when all eyes are on who would replace the current prosecutor general, Martha Imalwa.

Imalwa is credited by some for her tough stance on prosecuting the Fishrot case.

The commission said several factors could affect the recruitment of a prosecutor general.

“Factors such as the availability of suitably qualified and experienced persons for selection, and the readiness of the selected person to start work immediately, if appointed, will determine whether the appointment process will be completed before the deadline of 31 December 2020,” it said.

The prosecutor general is responsible for prosecuting in the name of the state in criminal proceedings, and has the authority to decide whether to prosecute suspected offenders or not.

The Namibian Constitution stipulates that the PG is appointed by the president on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission.