SWAPO secretary general, Sophia Shaningwa, claims she was intimidated by former independent presidential candidate, Panduleni Itula, when she said the party has “all the money”.

Shaningwa made this allegation yesterday at a Swapo media briefing on the Fishrot corruption scandal in Windhoek.

Swapo stands accused of having benefited from Namibia’s biggest fishing scandal.

According to Shaningwa, her comment came after Itula threatened to drag Swapo to court in the run-up to the general elections last year should she [Shaningwa] sign the election code of conduct.

Shaningwa said Itula intimidated her in front of police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga and chairperson of the electoral commission of Namibia Notemba Tjipueja.

“Apparently I must not say Swapo will adhere to the code of conduct of elections as set by law. I must adhere to the destruction of the independent candidate,” she said.

“I told Dr Itula and his associates I am the secretary general of the Swapo Party delegated by my president [Hage Geingob] to be at that meeting, and I have to see to it that the Swapo Party would indeed adhere to the code of conduct of the election. Dr Itula jumped up [and said] if I dare sign he and his associates would take Swapo Party to court. I told Dr Itula this is not the first time you are taking Swapo to court. You have been taking Swapo to court and you are prepared to take Swapo to court,” Shaningwa said.

She said her remarks that Swapo has all the money does not mean Swapo has Fishrot money.

She invited those who are convinced that Swapo benefited from Fishrot to her office to investigate the party’s audited financial reports.

“I don’t have the money as an individual. I have a salary that my party is paying me. I don’t have money as an individual to defend the party, but Swapo party as a collective through its resources will defend herself, no matter what,” she said.

Itula declined to respond to Shaningwa’s remarks saying he was neither present nor watched the media briefing.

“We in the Independent Patriots for Change [IPC] are preparing for the future of our motherland with our patriots in the [IPC] and will not, unfortunately, occupy our time digging in the past,” he said.

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