A German special envoy in the ongoing genocide negotiations has rejected claims that his country had offered to pay Namibia about €10 million, or N$180 million, as reparations.

In June this year, president Hage Geingob said in his state of the nation address that Namibia rejected a €10 million offer by Germany as reparations for the genocide perpetrated by German settlers between 1904 and 1908.

This offer was “an insult”, according to Geingob.

Geingob in June also announced that the genocide talks were at an advance stage and that Germany was ready to apologise to the affected communities.

However, Germany is now rejecting Geingob’s claims saying no offer was made for reparations.

Ruprecht Polenz, the German envoy in the genocide talks, told German news outlet DW this week his country had not offered anything in the genocide negotiations yet.

“I don’t know where that number comes from. I’ve never spoken with the Namibian side about such concrete figures. Germany would rather apologise today than tomorrow for these crimes.

“As it is, when one wants to apologise, one cannot say ‘we want to apologise, so get on with it’. The Namibian side should have all the time it needs,” Polenz said as quoted by DW.

According to Polenz, the ball is in Namibia’s court to make a final decision on the way forward.

Germany has repeatedly refused to pay direct reparations for the genocide, DW reports.

The country has channelled over €800 million to Namibia in development aid since independence, Polenz said.

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