THE 29-year old man who tested positive for Covid-19 at Outapi on Monday allegedly sneaked out of Walvis Bay to avoid police roadblocks.

He then reportedly hitch-hiked from the Erongo region to Okahandja where he boarded a minibus to the north on the same day

According to the authorities, he went on a drinking spree with friends at local shebeens when he reached Outapi on 13 July.

“Because he was scared to go home, he then booked himself into some lodge at Outapi. When his brother learned that he sneaked out of Walvis Bay, he tried to convince him to report himself to the authorities, but he refused. His brother then informed the police and the health directorate. He was later intercepted and taken to the police station where he was interrogated and subsequently placed under quarantine. A swab test was done and his result was positive,” an anonymous source claims.

On Monday, the minister of health and social services, Kalumbi Shangula, during his update on Covid-19 said the man reported himself to the authorities and was later placed in quarantine, a move he encouraged all people travelling from the Erongo region to practise.

Some residents at Outapi however are accusing the minister of providing false and misleading information on the patient.

“The minister should stop lying to the nation. That gentleman never reported himself to the authorities. He was interrogated by the police until he later told them the truth. How many people did he come in contact with during his outing with friends on that day? He may have infected a lot of people, who knows?” a concerned resident said.