Rabat — Moroccan hospitals will be supplied with influenza and pneumococcal vaccines during the coming autumn, Health minister Khalid Ait Taleb announced on Saturday.

While waiting for a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine, the ministry of Health has decided to conduct a vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza and pneumococcal infections for people suffering from chronic diseases in order to strengthen their immunity, said Aid Taleb during a webinar organized under the theme “Covid-19, Influenza, HPV and pneumococcus: the importance of vaccination, what recommendations?”.

In this regard, the minister emphasized the seriousness of seasonal influenza for vulnerable populations, including the elderly, pregnant women, infants and those with serious illnesses, while noting that the seasonal influenza vaccine is not effective against Covid-19.

However, this is a preventive scenario that will be implemented alongside the preventive measures already in place, he stressed.

The government official recalled that every year, between 250,000 and 650,000 people die from seasonal influenza around the world, adding that it affects between 3 and 5 million people a year across the planet.

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