President Lazarus Chakwera in consultation with vice-president Saulos Chilima is making a host of new diplomatic appointments for Malawi, including to Embassy in United States, Washington DC, Belgium and South Africa.

The new ambassadors will be appointed as most of the country’s diplomats in the foreign mission have their contracts expired and some are on recall.

The diplomats who have finished their tours of duty include Edward Yakobe Sawerengera at the Embassy in United States, Washington DC, George Mkondiwa the Malawi High Commissioner in India, Ted Kalebe (Belgium) and Kena Mphonda (United Kingdom).

Thier contracts expired in 2018 but continued serving in the Mission in their current positions following failure by government to fund their return home.

Other low-ranking diplomats have their contracts expired and others have recall letters.

They included Mike Mwanyula (Brussels), Patrick Mphepo (Dheli), some staff at Washington DC and most staff at London mission.

National Audit Office (NAO) audit has revealed that the country lost million of kwacha in public resources through fraudulent transactions in Malawi diplomatic missions abroad.

There has been widespread criticism over Malawi’s diplomatic service which has mainly been appointed based on political affiliation to parties in government. Many have advocated for career diplomats to represent Malawi if the country is to benefit from its representation abroad through trade, among other things.