Dedza South member of Parliament (MP) Ishmael Ndaila Onani (Malawi Congress Party) has said President Peter Mutharika – whose running mate was Saulos Chilima – was not duly elected in 2014 elections on whose mandate he is carrying out now.

MP Onani: Even in 2014 Mutharika was not duly elected

Onani said this in Parliament on Wednesday when he stood on a point of order after Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Bright Msaka mocked the opposition saying they only win elections in court and not on the ballot.

Said Onani:”Madam Speaker, is it in order for the Minister of Justice to say that the opposition has never won an election? Yet we know that from the court ruling, even Peter Mutharika way back in 2014 never won –because he never maintained a 50 plus 1 majority.

” And on top of that, Peter Mutharika never made it to this House just last week because he never won in 2019. So, is it in order for him to claim that he won yet he has never won?”

The lawmaker continued:” Peter Mutharikahas never won an election in Malawi. “

However, Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara said the point of order raised by Onani is I ” an issue of opinion.”

Mutharika became Head of State after defeated Joyce Banda in 2014.

Banda disputed the 2014 elections and ordered the annulment of the results and scheduled a new election in 90 days’ time, insisting that the election had been so deeply flawed that she could not possibly inflict its results on the Malawian people.