Our attention as Nyasa Times has been drawn to a raging debate on social media with regards to authenticity of the doctorate degrees of some of our senior public officers in government.

The debated has been caused after a scrutiny of doctorate degrees of two senior public officers: embattled Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) chief executive officer Collins Magalasi and Malawi police boss George Kainja.

At the heart of the debate is a concern regarding the culture of buying off doctorate degrees from unaccredited and, sometimes, untraceable universities and using them to claim top positions in government.

Though as Nyasa Times we cannot verify the authenticity of Magalasi and Kainja’s doctorate degrees, we are of a view that people who use fake certificates, diplomas and degrees to get jobs are criminals, as such, they should not be anywhere close to public office.

If we are talking of draining the swamp, we need to ensure that people who hold office are rightfully qualified.

It will be an insult to the rightfully educated people to be led by a person with questionable credentials.

The tragedy with people with questionable credentials is that they spend their time in office ensuring that their job is protected, than executing the work they are paid for.

This is why, as Nyasa Times, we put it to government to investigate credentials of all senior public officers. People with fake credentials are cheats: Purge them from public office.

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