Health minister Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has accused Leader of Opposition in parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa of double standards over his stinging attack on government over the gazetted Covid-19 strict preventive measures.

Chiponda said Nankhumwa was part of the team which formulated the preventive measures as he sits on the presidential taskforce on covid-19.

“This is not the time to bring politics in this matter but honourable Nankhumwa sits in the taskforce and he contributed fully during our meetings,” said Chiponda.

The minister said the country in a crisis and the government needs solutions from everybody to deal with the pandemic instead of blame game.

In a statement, Nankhumwa said the government should come up with mitigating measures such as freeing prisoners with minor charges to decongest prisons, institute zero charges on mobile money transfer, set up potable water sinks in public places to encourage hand washing in all cities and towns as well as cut the president’s and cabinet ministers salaries, among others.

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