Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says Malawians are anxiously awaiting implementation of some of the policies that President Lazarus Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance made during campaign.

DPP says the longer it takes to carry out some of the pledged the greater the likelihood of people losing faith that the policies they endorsed at the ballot box would ever come to fruition.

“What this means is that Malawians will feel cheated and therefore lose trust in the Tonse Alliance government of President Chakwera.

“Indeed, Malawians are waiting for 1 million jobs; three meals a day; duty-free week; K4,000 fertilizer: K14,000 passport; free water and electricity connections and many more. These and other Tonse Alliance promises were intended to pull Malawians out of abject poverty but it seems implementation hasn’t started yet. People’s patience is wearing thin and I wish to encourage government to move with speed,” leader of opposition in Parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa made the observation on Tuesday, August 18, at the funeral of the late Owen Kocherani.

Kocherani was DPP governor for Thyolo Central. He died suddenly on Monday after he collapsed at his residence at Thyolo Boma. He was also a very successful businessman and devout Muslim.

Nankhumwa paid tribute to the departed politician, describing him as a selfless warrior who fought for the betterment of Malawians.

“He wanted everyone to live a good life. He worked hard during campaign to ensure that the DPP under Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika remains in government to continue pursuing and implementing pro-poor policies. But that did not materialize and Tonse Alliance formed the new government and they are the ones managing the country now.