Monrovia — YouthAid-Liberia and partners have commenced a two-day consultative meeting on the elimination of malaria in the country, with a call for a holistic approach towards the combat against the killer disease through the full inclusion and involvement of citizens, particularly youths at the grass-root level.

The consultative meeting commenced in Monrovia on Tuesday, June 8 with funding from Civil Society for Malaria Elimination based in Yaounde, Cameroun with support from Impact Sante Afrique (ISA).

It is in partnership with the Liberia Coordinating Mechanism (LCM), which is managing projects that are being sponsored by Global Fund in Liberia.

According to the Executive Director of YouthAid-Liberia, Swaliho M. Fofana, the voices of young people have not been captured in the national policy to combat against the malaria disease in Liberia.

He claimed that young people have been marginalized and denied the necessary support and training to adequately prepare them to engage into activities that will educate the locals and others on the prevention and elimination of malaria, beginning at the grass root level.

“This meeting is being organized for young people to get engage in malaria elimination. Most time their voices are not being heard-from the government circle young people are not being captured. We want for the voices of youths and the communities to be heard in the concept note that will be submitted to the Global Fund to eliminate malaria”.

“We are meeting to put ideas together and make sure we have one idea cemented and it is structured well and recommended to the LCM which will also forward our voice through the Country Concept Note to the Global Fund. Since the LCM is making an application to the Global Fund for money, we want for our voices to be heard. We are asking for voice addition in the national platform and we are also asking for capacity building when the necessary funding comes”.