Minneapolis — The 2021 General Conference of the United Bong County Association in the Americas has ended with a call for unity amongst both Bong County Citizens home and abroad.Post Views: 2

The Bong citizens conference which brought together over 200 delegates from various states across the United States was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from July 16- 18 2021. Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie was elected President of the umbrella organization of Bong Citizens residing in the Americas.

Others elected and inducted to steer the affairs of the UBCAA for the next three years include Towain Kollie-Peters-Vice President, Rufus Kwenah-General Secretary, David Parker, Treasurer, Garbo Z.M. Tokpah, Sr- Financial Secretary, Sylvia Flomo, Chaplain.

Many Bong citizens home and across the world have congratulated Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie and his co-officers on their election to lead the United Bong County Association in the Americas.

They have also extended appreciation to all those who attended the UBCAA 2021 General Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They considered this year’s general conference as a major step forward in transforming the UBCAA for the greater good of Bong County and its people.

“Bong County has indeed won! Now is the time for all sides in this process to unite and work together for the collective good of the UBCAA and Bong County.”

In his victory and induction statement Mr. Kollie the new UBCAA President on behalf of his wife Leonora Kollie, Vice President, Madam Towan Kollie-Peters, the elected leadership team, campaign leadership organizing team, and himself thanked members for trusting him and other officials with the confidence to serve.

“You delivered to us a clear mandate that supports our vision to work in making UBCAA a well-structural 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that will unite us in working to address some of the critical needs facing the community, both here in the USA and in Bong County, Liberia. We are greatly moved by your expression of confidence in us to lead our beloved United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA).Post Views: 2

We are immensely grateful to our families, UBCAA members, friends, and supporters who so generously contributed their time, money, and expertise to enable us to run a professional campaign with positive messages.”

In his statement he also reached out to those who did not support his candidacy, to join in working to address some of the critical needs in their community by focusing on the common denominator, which is Bong County as well as its numerous challenges and opportunities to build the county.

The new leadership has pledged to work in making the vision for a better UBCAA alive but said that can only be achieved in unity. According to President Kollie if they work together they will address some of the cPost Views: 2ritical issues which include; Building a robust and well-structural UBCAA organization to strengthen our union in serving our UBCAA membership, youth, elderly, and those with special needs, here in the Diaspora and Bong County, Liberia.

The leadership has also promised to create a collaborative partnership with Bong County citizens, stakeholders, Bong County affiliated organizations, and community partners to address the needs in our community. Help to strengthen/revitalize existing UBCAA local chapters and establish new ones.

Develop a national directory of Bong County citizens in the U.S.A. and Canada to know where our people are and their interests.

The leadership also wants to build an interactive professional website that will highlight programs, activities of UBCAA, including a section, wherein members can share their suggestions and/or comments for the betterment of our UBCAA community.

Establish a framework for civil engagement and accountability between UBCAA and citizens of Bong County, political leaders, civil society, community organizations, stakeholders, and establish a fully staffed UBCAA operational office in Gbarnga City, Bong County to identify and engage in community development projects.