Churches in Kirinyaga and Embu counties have reopened with a number of worshipers disregarding the government’s guidelines on ensuring there is no spread of Covid-19.

Worshipers started streaming into the churches as early as 9am Sunday but only a few of them wore masks.

Some faithful interacted freely without observing the prescribed social distancing rules.

A survey by the Nation in a number of churches also established that many had neither handwashing points nor thermo guns for screening the faithful before entering into the places of worship.

This, therefore, means that churches could easily be fertile grounds for the spread of the disease which has so far claimed more than 225 lives and left 12,750 infected in Kenya.


Some churches also allowed children who looked younger than 13 years, the minimum age limit prescribed in the guidelines set for the reopening of places of worship.

At the same time, most of the churches recorded a poor turnout of worshipers.

In some churches, there were between 10 and 20 worshipers attending Sunday service.

Some churches, however, remained closed after worshipers failed to show up for reasons which could not be immediately established.

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