More than 70 surgeries scheduled for this week at Laser Eye Centre will not be conducted due to a tenancy row with Sarit Centre, the level four hospital’s founder, Dr Mukesh Joshi, told MPs.

Appearing before the National Assembly’s Health committee on Tuesday, Dr Joshi expressed his grief over the treatment his facility has been subjected to by its landlord.

So far, 73 patients who had scheduled appointments this week cannot access the eye centre. They were set to undergo cataract, argon laser and trabeculectomy surgeries.

The National Assembly took interest in the tenancy row last week following a request by Othaya MP James Gichuki Mugambi.

Sarit Centre managers will be expected to appear before the same committee Thursday virtually as the Parliamentary committee investigates the matter.

Senior government officials could also be summoned to explain their stand on the tiff that could see a level-four hospital closed.

Unable to move out

In an 11-page statement, Laser Eye Centre says it is unable to move out of Sarit Centre as its equipment can only be dismantled and reassembled at a new location by specialists from their manufacturers, who are unable to travel owing to various government restrictions to battle the Covid-19 pandemic.

In its court defence, Sarit Centre argues that it issued a notice of lease non-renewal to Laser Eye Centre last year and that the hospital should have made prior arrangements to leave the mall.

The level four hospital sued Sarit Centre owners in June seeking orders to stop its looming eviction. Last week, High Court judge Samson Okong’o dismissed Laser Eye Centre’s application.

The case will be heard at the Court of Appeal next Monday after Chief Justice David Maraga set a three-judge bench to determine it.

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