Kenya on Monday recorded the highest number of recoveries since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

The Ministry of Health announced that 97 Covid-19 patients had been discharged from various facilities after recovering.

This is the highest number of recoveries to be recorded in a 24-hour period, three months into the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country.


Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman during the daily briefing also announced that the country had recorded 95 positive coronavirus cases in 24 hours from a test sample of 1,096.

“As the number of infections rise, we are at the same time recording a high number of recoveries. This is commendable and is proof that contracting the virus is not a death sentence,” said Dr Aman.

The total number of recoveries has risen to 849 against 2,862 confirmed positive cases.

Of the new cases, 92 were Kenyans while 3 were foreigners aged between one and 72 years while 57 were males and 38 females.

Marsabit became the latest county to record an infection, with one case reported yesterday in North Horr, bringing the number of devolved units affected by the disease to 38. One more person died, bringing total virus deaths to 85.


The CAS noted that the elderly and those with underlying health conditions will require to wear N95 masks in accordance with WHO recommendations. He added that they should also be worn by people with low immunity as well as caregivers.

“N95 is the most protective mask because it has been made in such a way that it is used in situations where protection is necessary,” said Dr Aman.

The masks are better than surgical masks and it would be the best for old people and people with underlying health conditions to wear them, if they can afford, he said.

But, it also depends on where these people are, “we said people who are 60 years and above and those with underlying health conditions should try as much as possible to stay at home. But if they want to venture outside even for a short period, they should wear a mask. If they want to go to a crowded place, then they should wear a N95 mask,” said the CAS.

He said health workers dealing with Covid-19 patients, as well as patients in hospitals, who are infectious, should use the N95 masks.